pierre charles bouvier. lead singer from simple plan. i don’t know what i should say about him. i think i should start why i love him so much. pierre is that kind of guy who makes me smile even when i’m really sad. everytime i look at his face, or i see him smiling, everything feels right lol. now seriously, he’s one of the most important men in my life, and i don’t even know him yet. YET. you know, i’m not a fan of simple plan like 8, 9 years, but what i feel for him and for the other guys it’s so intense. i love them with all my heart, and i don’t only love pierre because he’s beautiful. no. i love him cause he’s funny, he cares about us, he loves music and what he does in simple plan. he has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, he’s weird, he’s always smiling and making that faces on vlogs (and sometimes in pics). and i have to say, he’s extremely beautiful and sexy. when i saw that david bass picture, i was like “O_O is he even real?”. and when he showed his new tattoo, putting his pants down… god. anyway. now, this beautiful man is going to be dad! i’m so happy for him. the kid has to be as perfect as the dad. even i loving pierre and wanting to be lachelle, i think they look great together. i mean, if he’s happy with her, i’m ok with that. and i really think the baby should be a man. so he could have the same beautiful and fluffy cheeks of mr. bouvier. but i still think he looks better with david. it maybe sound creepy, but… the looks, the hugs, the other things (read that bass pic)… how could i even not believe? ya’ll have no idea how much i laughed when i thought how david told pierre to take his clothes off just to take that pic. seriously. i believe in hott baguettes. it’s just the funniest thing about simple plan. finishing: i love simple plan, not only pierre. cause all the guys mean the world to me, but pierre is special. he’s my man <3 i love him and them to death. i respect and adore him so much. so when you say i just love his beauty, you’re totally wrong. i love his personality, not only the beauty. cause i listen with my ear not with my eyes. so, i wanna thank you guys. i’m saying this truthfully. thank you for being here when no one else was. you mean the whole world to me, specially you bouvier. i love you all.

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